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101 step grayscale wedge 101 step grayscale wedge
EasyDigitalNegatives-StepWedge-101-K EasyDigitalNegatives-StepWedge-101-K
 EasyDigitalNegatives-StepWedge-101-HSB  EasyDigitalNegatives-StepWedge-101-HSB
 EasyDigitalNegatives-StepWedge-256-HSB  EasyDigitalNegatives-StepWedge-256-HSB
 21 step grayscale wedge  21 step grayscale wedge
 HSB Grid  HSB Grid
 Standard exposure time  Standard exposure time
 Blockers  Blockers
 Average cyanotype curve  Average cyanotype curve
 Average Salt Print curve  Average Salt Print curve
 Average Van Dyke Brown curve  Average Van Dyke Brown curve
 Easy Digital Negatives Script  (ZIP) Easy Digital Negatives Script & Manual
 Pinhole Exposure Disk  Pinhole Exposure Disc
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